Sandra Boss

Short Bio:
I am working as a sound artist and composer. I am educated in electronic music from The Royal Academy of Music and I am currently working on a practice-based PhD at Aarhus University.


Project title: Tuning & De-tuning the Ear
My thesis sets out to investigate concept of tuning as a physical practice, an artistic method and a way of practicing philosophy. Scientific acoustical apparatus have for ages been used to tune musical instruments into specific sonic aesthetics. But these apparatus have also had a great impact in tuning our listening habits and our physiological hearing mechanism. It is this alternately collaboration and resistance between our ears and the shifting tuning instruments of different epochs that I wish stage through an artistic engagement, which will serve to open for the following questions: How have tuning instruments of the past effected our ears in making aesthetic judgements and is it possible to use these instruments in new aesthetic stagings that can activate new listening modes?

The sound below is taking from experiments I have done with one of the oldest tuning instruments – the organ pipe. Here I have worked to create a piece where the sensation of any reference pitch constantly is challenged.


This is the instrument that I’m currently working with.


For more information about my work visit:


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