Helle Rasmussen


I educated as a teacher in 1985 and became Master of Art Education in 2004. I have been teaching Visual Art in Teachers Education since 1997. Since 2013 I have also been a Ph.D. student at Aalborg University, Cph..

Ph.D Project:

I am doing research in the field of Art Education, which is something different from Artistic Research. Due to some theoretical considerations on which my project is based, I have found though, some common interfaces between my project and the idea of Artistic Research. I want to point these out during my presentation on the Ph.D. course.

My project has got the title ‘Digital picture production and picture aesthetic competency in IT-didactic design’. It’s a project with the aim to qualify and renew lessons in Visual Art in Public School. The research design is inspired by Design Based Research, and I use mixed methods. As a result my data collection consists of different kinds of data material. Among my data are some digital picture productions created by pupils during interventions in classrooms. Since these productions are just data, I cannot upload them on this platform, but I will be able to supply my oral presentation on the course with visual material. Doing so, I hope to promote understanding of my reflections on the interfaces between Artistic Research and my Ph.D. project.


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